How to Sign Up Gmail Account – Gmail Registration Guide


Have you been looking for How to create a Gmail account? No matter what your answer might be, I want to you know that Gmail is a platform that helps you obtain information from family, friends and so many important personnel around the world. And through Gmail Sign In /Registration and Page you will get all other Google package like Google plus and more.

How to create a Gmail account

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Gmail Registration and Sign In Page

Now, before we delve into How to Create a Gmail Account, lets first talk about the amazing package that comes with Gmail; like what Gmail is all about, the features and benefits of Gmail, the difference between Gmail and YahooMail.

What’s So Great About Gmail?

Gmail is a free high end internet mailing service provided by Google, And one of the easier and secure way to reach our people. Gmail has been doing pretty well since its start initially from 2004 after its beta version.

It was created by Paul Buchheit According to statistics there are more than 1billion users registered on It is considered to be one of the best mailing services with amazing features like attachments, images, links, pictures and external cloud storage too just like Yahoo Mail. Note that is an avenue of signing up for an account managed by Google.

Difference between Gmail and YahooMail

Yahoo mail is somehow similar with Gmail, Most people know that it all performs almost the same duty to the general public, but the main difference between them is that Gmail is better preferable for business user (Online Business), and gone at the days when Yahoo mail is more popular than Gmail. But Gmail is the people chose.

How to create a Gmail account

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Features and Benefits

  1. You can check your Gmail through your mobile phone,
  2. You can get notifications of new messages on your desktop.
  3. You can set up filters and labels to organize your mail
  4. You can archive your mail for easier searches
  5. You can subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds and receive feed summaries as if they were mail messages,

How to create a Gmail account (Gmail SignUp/Registration)

How to create your own Gmail account and Sign In your E-Mail address will really not be a probemto you with this following steps below. So check it out


Go to the Right side bar and click ” CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”

A new form will appear with space, fill in your details e.g; Name, username, password, confirm your password, Birthday, Gender, Mobile Phone, Your current email address(possible skip), Type the text or number you will see below, Location, Agree to the Google terms or service and privacy policy

How to create a Gmail account

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Then CLICK on the Next Step to receive your Google verification coad (******) for your final registration,

Once you enter the code then your gmail account is set up , that’s all.

Congratulations on your new Gmail Registration. You are automatically redirected to your Gmail account after the Gmail sign up process is completed. 3 email await you welcoming you to the platform and to show you things in the hood.

Please Note that you can Stay Tuned with us for more Tips on How to create a Gmail account and more. If you have any contribution or questions please kindly Feel Free to use the Comment Box below. and We will get back to you as soon as possible



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