Periscope login – Steps to Periscope Login For Video Broadcast

 In the event that you need to Watch or share live video broadcast on Periscope, at that point you should make the essential moves to Periscope Login that we have deliberately sketched out here. Periscope is a live streaming platform owned by Twitter that let you share or watch what’s going on around the globe through the eyes of another person.

There are times you will jump at the chance to capture around you with the goal that others can see it and that is the reason Periscope is alluded to as “A Platform where you can view the world, through the eyes of another person”. You can make Live videos or watch another person broadcast, yet before that can happen, you should sign in to your account first.

Logging in to Periscope Account is a walk in the park  provided you have already Signed up on the page.  this article will expose four methods To Periscope Login For Video Broadcast.

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Periscope Login Methods

  • Login With Twitter Account
  • Login With Facebook Account
  • Login With Google Account
  • Login With a Phone number.

Periscope Login

 Twitter Login

Periscope will Read Tweets from your timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people. It will also Update your profile, Post Tweets for you and See your email address.

To Login To periscope account using, the steps below should be adhered to.

  1. Go to Periscope page at
  2. Click Log in | Sign up at the top right
  3. Select Login and Click on the Twitter icon
  4. Enter your Twitter username or Email
  5. Provide your Password and click on Sign in

Facebook Login

Periscope using your Facebook Account will receive your Facebook Name and profile picture. See the steps to Login using your Facebook Account below.

  • Go to Periscope Login Page and Click on the Facebook icon
  • Enter your Facebook Email Address or Phone Number
  • Enter your Password and click on Login

 Google Login

Google will share your Name, Email Address and profile picture with Periscope.

  • On Periscope Login Page, Click on the Google Icon
  • Enter your Email Address or Phone Number and click Next
  • Enter your password to login to periscope page

 Phone Number Login

You can also Login using your registered Phone Number by using the Steps given below.

  • Go to Periscope page at
  • Click Log in | Sign up at the top right
  • Select Login and Click on “Phone Number”
  • Next, Enter your Country and Phone Number in the respective space provided
  • Click on Verify

Periscope Download

When you download the App on your Mobile Device, You can easily Login to the platform anytime and anywhere. The app is available on iOS and Google Store. Simply Visit Your Mobile Store to Download.

You can also Visit the Periscope Website at to download the App for Free.

Do you have any question on the steps for Periscope Login , go to the comment box below.


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